Gentle Lions Rabbitry raising Lionheads for Therapy, Show & Pet.

About US

We are a small rabbitry breeding, raising & training adorable Lionheads. Lionheads are a small breed weighing between 3-4 pounds. Gentle Lions Rabbitry is registered with The American Rabbit Breeders Association. Lionheads are known for the mane around their head that resembles the mane of a lion. They are one of the more gentle & docile breeds making them great therapy rabbits & pets. Lionhead is an exhibition breed as it is in the process of becoming an accepted breed by the ARBA.  

In The Nest Box -


Gentle Lions Legacy's Chaz, 2 Legs, DOB 10/29/2015, Dam: GLs' Legacy, Sire: Prideland's Chaz


Located in Norman, Oklahoma | To Contact Us Call: 405-413-9102

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